Fleet Inventories

The Challenge

Today’s fleet vehicle has more than 25,000 application parts which makes the management of those parts next to impossible. 

Many fleet managers are of the opinion that OEM parts are of the best quality. The facts are that most if not all vehicle manufactures, do not manufactures the parts components that are in their vehicles. Most if not all are purchased from parts manufactures from around the world. An example is a very popular truck’s rear brakes are manufactured by a different company that manufactures the front brakes.

Quality Professional Grade Products

Available to customers are not only ACDelco and Motorcraft products but also traditional automotive and truck aftermarket products plus outstanding fleet grade, import and specialty products. Most of the parts are manufactured by the same companies that provide original  equipment assemblers. Not only does Parts Authority make available a wide selection of application specific products but also an impressive selection of automotive equipment, tools and service chemicals. Parts Authority maintains a staff of Product Manager to insure that products sold meet the ever increasing Parts Authority standards. 

Parts Authority chooses products based on customer needs not Parts Authority Needs.